Beautiful Living Room

The Interior Design course of fine arts is best evaluated by Student’s Guide of Editora Abril, proving its quality and valuing their differences: infrastructure, teachers and curriculum matrix. In addition, the professional graduated from the fine arts in the area have integrated knowledge to other areas of the institution’s design, assembled in an area with more than 50,000 m ² where are all the laboratories and workshops of Graphic Design, Interior Design, Fashion Design and Product Design.

The student is prepared to serve in the occupation of spaces whose architecture is already pre-defined in order to interact with it to offer comfort and well-being to its occupants. Thus, the form, you can design, intervene and conceptualize the various spaces occupied by man according to ergonomics, technology, health and culture. The course also presents emphasis on environmental comfort, in the relations of man and his activities, individual and collective needs and in project management.




In professional practice area, the fine arts allows students to participate in the Studio Grid. Guided by teachers like Alessandro Camera, which keeps an Office and is responsible for several projects of students awarded by companies such as Tok & Stok, Faber Castell and TAM, the students develop projects, do research and apply the knowledge from the classroom with real customers.