Beautiful Modern Double Floor

The House is a dream of every person in the beauty of are often forced to make concessions with dreams of space constraints. Versatile and easy to overcome these problems, imagination of a designer.

The exact location is not only the long form 13 m width, a perennial water in the middle of the race, this by an architect with joy, and the need to adopt reached their dream home. After completing has the nicest area of 3023 SQFT House project represented a challenge for any designer.
Kozhikode, Dr. Green Engineering Solutions for the life of the Prophet Muhammad Ashraf, Faisal Majeed designed to House an exotic introduces the “home”.
modern style house in prepared. But Minimialist with not only the style of the hearing became a household . The five-bedroom, two-story.
A 1898 m ² area first floor fight, doctor’s consulting room, consulting room of the main house and two feel, be, dinner, and two beds, which are connected to the bathroom, patio, kitchen, work area, storage room, utility, and that will be covered. the two Feel good. prepare well.
1125 Be first floor, first floor and three beds, balcony attached to the bath. The success of your home design touch that won by 100, Jesus. Full house.