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The projects is a Virtual Office for architecture, where you can purchase so easy and secure the ideal project to begin the work of your dreams. We work with a concept different from other websites specialized in projects. Do not sell ready projects, we make quality Architecture. We offer a catalog of models to be acquired, may be modified in accordance with the characteristics and needs of the client and of the land on which the work will be built, without additional costs.


Browse and discover our catalogue of projects, choose the project that more fits to your profile and get your free estimate. Let’s find out your profile, assess feasibility, adjust the project and deliver a complete product, with high quality and with all the technical information you need to start your work.
If none of our catalogue project meet your expectations, we can develop for you a unique project and 100% customized. Access Exclusive Designs.
If your need is something simpler, such as modifying the interior or the facade of your House, apartment, business, etc., or ideas for a garden, a recreation area, an Office, anyway ideas to qualify any space, meet our ARCHITECTURAL CONSULTING ONLINE and surprise yourself with our solutions and with the price of the service.