Living Room Tips

There comes a time in the life of each owner when you are forced to grow up. Graduate College, it’s all about the Exchange that two beds XL to a quality (and bigger!) Mattress, and exchanging the hand-me-down futon for a Royal couch.

But at some point after his twenty years, you will need to graduate from the Starter furniture and start investing in design. Often, the trigger is a landmark moment like buying a home or starting a family. This was only the case for the New York-based designer Tharon Anderson, who was tasked to create a stylish apartment to a young couple and their growing family.

Read on to see how she created a space that is ideal for children, fresh, and fully grown.
“We had the custom-made sofa, making it 9 feet in length to emphasize the length of the room. The sofa is also custom made and upholstered in a very sophisticated tweed. I used a tape of Samuel garrison and tight Sounds & back to bring a bit of elegance and formality to the space “.

PRO TIP: Anderson encourages clients to invest in upholstery. Chairs and sofas get day used in and day out, so if the style and construction is good, they will last for years. In addition, an extra-long couch offers ample space for the whole family.

“Once the family is young, we choose a broadloom wool carpet and super resistant polyester with a small-scale pattern that would hold up against lots of use and also help to disguise any strokes.

We have covered the couch in heavy use upholstery: a fabric color Sage Larsen which mimics the texture of velvet, but is actually made of polyester and viscose. He has a 100 k double rub classification (usually reserved for upholstery hotel!), so I knew I could hold up to lots of wear. ”

PRO TIP: Anderson used a sofa with modern, sophisticated lines to make it look luxurious, although it is upholstered in a heavy-duty, commercial-grade tissue.

“The sofa cushions are [covered] Katie Leede cloth ‘ Thebes ‘. He has a pictorial, feeling so extravagant that I loved for the family, and trim for free makes it fun. I upholstered the X-banks with a copy of jaguar to add some snazzy factor. ”

PRO TIP: Anderson uses standard in small doses, to pack a punch. The Sheepskin rug adds another layer of texture to the room, providing a surface of fun for the kids and a clever way to hide the inevitable spill.
“We don’t want to cover up the big, bright window, therefore, chose start screen Couture ‘ Gypsy Dance ‘ and turned upside down to [create one] bottom edge active”.

PRO TIP: thoughtful details not only tie the entire look of the room together, they work to hide more resources utilities such as SafeHouse duette shade behind the window and the radiator ugly hidden inside the built-in below.
“We use all-brass accents on the lamps and wall sconces, the heads of the nails in the Chair and coffee table-to create a sense of cohesion abstract painting by Eliza Geddess also links the color scheme together and add an organic element. for the drawing. ”

PRO TIP: the cupped Edge coffee table prevents small toys falling all over the floor!