Smart Living Room

You end up in the living room to find a cohesive group of love’s major design challenge is overcome. But now you have an equally are faced with a difficult task: finding the right place to put it all.

If the system (or systems) living room is on your list, have no fear. Heide Ziecker, Meredith Baer Home Designer, to meet your specific room is four easy layout and living room wishes. Its easy-to-follow a living room that is both stylish and practical arrangements to learn to read.

modern living room

A fireplace around the layout has two sofas (loveseats think six feet) face each other features. Layout of a large sofa (think an eight-foot couch) that face from fireplace in the room. Two small chairs are located in front of the fireplace, facing the rest of the furniture.

A large coffee table layout anchor.

“I like it because you are using the whole room,” Ziecker says. “Placing two chairs in front of the fireplace [makes] a class that looks like in terms of conversation. ”

Contemporary living room design
varied living room design
A contemporary space, but the smaller mirror furniture traditional layout for some pieces swapped out.

Layout of a large sofa, instead of having a coach or opt for an oversized Ottoman. Instead of two chairs in front of the fireplace, choose a bold pattern with two stools.

“These pieces open a little more space, cleaner and nyuntar feeling,” Ziecker says. “It’s a small punch to add cleaner lines. We put Zebra like feces samples from the fireplace provides. “